About Merging Lanes

If you have landed on Merging Lanes by happenstance and are wondering what is this? and, more importantly, why is this? … please allow us to explain.

In the summer of 2007, a motley crew of four curious individuals decided to bring to the table their diverse personalities, ideas and histories in order to communally ferret out the Truth, with a capital “T”. As young seekers, we knew that often, peers are our best educators and most exciting conversation partners, so we decided to engage humbly in the age-old tradition of sharing our thoughts and viewing the human condition from each other’s perspectives by starting this blog.

Because we believe that all truth is God’s truth, no subject area will be restricted. References to theology, politics, aesthetics, economics, philosophy, our own personal experiences and other meaningful subjects are all welcome in both the entries and the comments on Merging Lanes. The single limitation will be that all must somehow connect or question how biblical revelation informs, explains or rejects our cultural observations.

We invite you, the reader, to join us in this admittedly ragamuffin and amorphous endeavor. We are not (and will try not to become) so enamored with our own limited intelligence and small bodies of experience; instead, we are far more interested in the honing of ideas through community discourse, criticism, affirmation, and investigation. Is it not “always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question”? So let us begin.


Nieophyte: As a writer and magazine editor, nieophyte spends most of her time fiddling with syntax and campaigning against the use of “indeed” as a transition. Her definition of a perfect afternoon includes coffee, a good book and her magnificent sister. Though her aspirations are many (Pulitzer ’08, what-what?!), above all, she hopes to always be kind.

Anakainosis: A young bustling attorney that hopes to make a difference in the world but presently longs to make a dent into his student loans. Passions include chess, basketball, serving the poor, playing the music loud with windows down, the arrival of Chi-town rap, and the finest of the culinary world that he can afford.

Jadanzzy: Being an INFP is tough when the world is often seen as a brushstroke of gray. But his greens, reds, blues, yellows, purples, oranges, whites, and blacks are strange melodies, expensive beers, confusing theolog(ies), rocky terrains, broken electronic polling booths, and black holes.

Documentia: An ICU nurse with an interest in health policy, global health, politics, culture, faith, doubt, and emergence. She is easily fascinated and a font of completely useless information.

Irreparabiletempu:  A young law student (soon-to-be-lawyer? Yes, the legal community is overrepresented in America and at Merging Lanes) who is obsessed with politics, public policy and basketball, and is easily enraged by bad arguments. He aspires to be thoughtful towards others in all that he does, and appreciates any feedback or criticism of his writing.



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