Posted by: jadanzzy | June 24, 2008

We Will Not Comply

This looks cool.

It is called The Ordinary Radicals.

In the margins of the United States, there lives a revolutionary Christianity. One with a quiet disposition that seeks to do “small things with great love,” and in so doing is breaking 21st Century stereotypes surrounding this 2000 year old faith. “The Ordinary Radicals” is set against the modern American political and social backdrop of the next Great Awakening.

Driven by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw’s vision, director Jamie Moffett made a movie about the changing Christian landscape and the refusal for a new movement of Christians to be boxed into the molds of the last 30 years.

Featuring Interviews with: Becky Garrison, Shane Claiborne, Jim Wallis, Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Rob Bell, John Perkins, Brooke Sexton, Michael Heneise, St. Margret Mckenna, Logan Laituri, Zack Exley, Aaron Weiss and many more Ordinary Radicals.



  1. This looks great..but why “the last 30 years?” Were American disciples more faithful before or something (e.g. like before the civil rights movement, etc.)?

  2. I’m speaking directly about the consumerist and the overtly politicized Christianity of the last 30 years.

    Modernism and the uber-capitalism of the boomer generation has added to the detrimental effects of Christianity in our recent past.

  3. Greetings from the road! We’re following the J4P tour bus now from Grand Rapids to the event tonight in Indianapolis. Thanks so much for spreading the word about the movie. We’ll be in production until July 26th and the movie will hit theaters September 4th. Keep an eye on for updates & if you know of good indie theaters in your neck of the woods for the movie to screen, please email me at the above address. We’d love to show it for ya!

  4. Jadanzzy,

    I see. I am not trying to be argumentative, by the way. Surely you see a twisted politicizing going on (because the gospel has been political from the start! And I am in agreement with the politics of the gospel that folks like these [and I assume you] claim for the gospel). That said, I think the problem runs much deeper than 30 years. The over-production of capitalism requires consumerism for sure – somebody has to buy all this stuff that the protestant work ethic produced! But then that points us to problems older than 30 years.


  5. […] which documents the Jesus for President tour, featuring authors Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw [h/t: Dan Ra]. Here is a brief description from their site: In the margins of the United States, there lives a […]

  6. … not to be confused with the new radicals, the 90s rock band.

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