Posted by: jadanzzy | April 1, 2008

Between Life and Death

A powerful photo set from The Guardian.

A before-death image, and an after-death image is shown with the individuals running thoughts during their last moments of life.


Maria Hai-Anh Tuyet Cao, 52
First portrait:
December 5 2003
“Death is nothing,” says Maria. “I embrace death. It is not eternal. Afterwards, when we meet God, we become beautiful. We are only called back to earth if we are still attached to another human being in the final seconds”


Second portrait:
February 15 2004

Maria’s thoughts on death are permeated with her belief in the teachings of her spiritual guru, Supreme Mistress Ching Hai; she believes she has already visited the afterlife in meditation. What Maria hopes is that she can achieve a sense of total detachment at the moment of death: she spends most of her time in the days leading up to her death preparing mentally for this.

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  1. dude… i don’t get it. has she passed away already in the second picture? it looks like the same photoshoot, just different angles.

  2. yes she has passed in the second photo. clicking on the link would’ve answered your question.

  3. or explaining it in ur post would have answered my question, instead of having to leave ur blog to go to some other page. dan r we going to have a catfight?

  4. i like this.

  5. that was powerful.

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