Posted by: anakalia66 | March 28, 2008

Christians … we’re a rare breed.

Who says Christians don’t have a sense of humor? Did you grow up in Sunday school? Have you ever seen the movie Saved and practically screamed with delight? Prepare to scream some more. If you need additional laughs, check out the book A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat. Trust me, you will need more. Take it from someone who grew up in a family who did not own a TV.



  1. i especially like #71. lol. hi dan ^___^

  2. I like #46. Since when did Christianity have to be always positive about everything? Isn’t a big part of Christianity recognizing that sin has caused large portions of the world to be shitty (whoops, there goes #31). And yet 104.7 insists on being always positive.

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my site, stuff christians like. If you ever have an idea that should be on the site by all means send it my way.


  4. LOL jon acuff’s post was automated

  5. #20! Psalty, the big blue songbook!

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