Posted by: worinld | March 10, 2008


So, in light of neophyte’s most excellent post a few days ago, a few of the authors here were talking about how familiar the topic was and how we all felt like we had something to contribute in light of her post. So, instead of just commenting on her post, we all decided to give our perspective and thoughts on how choice and discerning God’s will affecting our life and theology.
So here goes…

I’ve been struggling with decisions that are coming up in my life. To give a little background, I’ve been convicted of where God was leading me. I’ve felt that I’ve had a call to ministry since highschool, about three years after I first engaged in my journey with God. Each new step of my life, I asked God, ‘is it time now?’ And each time, I never really thought God opening the door. Then a few years ago, I felt God telling me that I needed to help in his work. In this way, I interpreted this as embarking on a seminary education. I’m not positive that that was the proper interpretation, but from what I felt God had told me before, and understanding the cultural context I felt called to minister, I thought that a seminary education was vital.
Anyways, that was over 2.5 years ago, and I’m graduating in a few months. And so, comes the question, what next? And as I’ve tried ot decipher God’s will in my life with my future, here I am, a bit distraught, yet a bit excited. Yes, I have a plethora of choices. My education, work experience, and this incredible country makes sure that I have all these choices available to me.
If you really think about it, never in the histry of man has a person really had all these choices available. in the past, if your father was a carpenter, you were most likely going to end up a carpenter (or maybe perhaps messiah as well, but that’s a special case). If you your dad was a knight, you’ll probably end up a night. and so on.
What an incredible time we live in. Yet, we look at scripture, and well… do we really have THAT many examples of choice in scripture? and by choice, not by just day to day decisions, but super life changing decisions. You know what the scary thing is? we got this guy they call the father of faith…and in his story, that major life changing event wasn’t really depicted as a choice, but rather… God speaks, and Abraham obeys.
God… speak.
Sure, we can say scripture is God’s word… but it won’t spell out go into ministry, or go be a missionary, etc etc. I am wholly dependent on his VOX. And you know what? Hearing God’s voice is so stinkin EXCITING (and freakin scary!). As paralyzed as I was by my decision to enter into seminary a few years ago, I feel that God has transformed me ot be as excited by what is going to happen in the next few years with how God works this out in my life.
Having career choices is an incredibly exciting life experiences. God’s voice is exciting to hear.
in the words of Tank: ‘Damn it’s a very exciting time.’



  1. What is it that Ivan says in the Brothers Karamazov? Man is too free. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes limitations are a blessing in diguise.

    Often, people lampoon Christians for using Christianity as a crutch, hiding behind the notion of sovereignty as a way of relinquishing their “existential freedom” … or whatever. To them I say, bollocks.

    Being wholly dependent on the VOX of God is true bravery, true living. Keep us posted, Worinld, on your exciting journey!

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