Posted by: jadanzzy | March 6, 2008


I’m so relieved John Hagee made it clear that Barack Obama isn’t the Antichrist.

His official statement at the 3:27 mark. By the way, I cannot stand Glenn Beck… and anti-Semite Christians. Those oxymoronic freaks!



  1. Sometimes I think it’s far easier for us young, (e)Merging Christians to love the homeless, the poor, the sinners, etc. than to love the John Hagees and the Glenn Becks. And don’t take that as judgment — we’re all in that boat to some degree.

    How do we love Glenn Becks?

  2. the above comment made me think. there are definitely those people i can’t stand because of what i believe are legitimate reasons, like inconsistencies, character flaws, hypocrisy and whatnot. like… how can someone believe this or how can she say that?? etc. and while i rant to my friends all the time, there is still a tiny part of me that doesn’t feel right.

    like the ny gov just got exposed for his involvement in a prostitution ring. his face on the front cover sickens me and reading about his hypocrisy makes me think he deserves the shame and hurt. i want his wife to divorce him and for him to match the amount he paid for illegal sex and give it to a charity or something. i want him to resign and endure the taunting of his opponents calling him out on his inconsistent character.

    it’s hard to love people like that, ppl like glenn beck who get space on the news, ppl who have power or those who we believe are representing our faith/values and we think these ppl are doing it all wrong. i still think they are doing it all wrong and maybe our anger can be justified to an extent, but then thinking about my attitude towards them and anger that can quickly turn to name-calling or the like.. i realize i’ve constructed my own view of who deserves mercy and who doesn’t and i dont think that really brings me any closer to the reality of God’s love.

    love is not exclusive to society’s victims and the marginalized- and let’s be honest, is it really “easy” to love misbehaving but underserved kids or homeless women cussing/spitting at you? in any case, thanks jason for reminding me that God’s kind of love extends just as abundantly to the oppressors/bullies/ppl i just cannot for the life of me understand.

  3. You’re right, Prisca, it’s definitely not “easy”, but it might be easier than loving the ones who are hard to love and who we won’t get praise or recognition or pride from loving, either.

    Loving is tough, I guess is the point.

  4. i don’t know anything about these people, but from this interview they both seem totally fine.

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