Posted by: jadanzzy | February 28, 2008

A Hermeneutics Assessment Quiz

I found this quiz that Scot McKnight wrote up to tell you where you fall in the “tradition” or “progressive” Christian spectrum, mostly with regards to the nature of Scripture. I think I like being categorized despite the frustrations of being put into a box.

here’s the idea behind it:

For what it’s worth, I scored a 73, which asserts that I’m hermeneutically progressive:

“[T]he progressive tends to see the Bible as historically shaped and culturally conditioned, and yet most still consider it the Word of God for today. Following a progressive hermeneutic, for the Word to speak in our day, one must interpret what the Bible said in its day and discern its pattern for revelation in order to apply it to our world. The strength, as with the moderate but even more so, is the challenge to examine what the Bible said in its day, and this means the progressives tend to be historians. But the problems for the progressives are predictable: Will the Bible’s so-called “plain meaning” be given its due and authoritative force to challenge our world? Or will the Bible be swallowed by a quest to find modern analogies that sometimes minimize what the text clearly says?”

I think the last two sentences leave me personally wanting. It assumes that all progressives read Scripture like a book of solutions, even if they’re reading it metaphorically. Also, is not the challenge posed to the world given by the actions of selfless and life-surrending love and humility of the followers of Jesus? Push back!
What did you guys get?



  1. 49.

    I’m a conservative that borders on moderate-ness. I thought I’d be more of a moderate, but I think that my view on some of the questions read too much into their fairly plain language. I’d consider myself in the camp of neo-orthodoxy, that is, to go BACK to certain traditions with a fresh approach. The quiz may not have that tone mixed into the questions/answers.

    Nevertheless, I think that’s about right. I’d like to consider myself more of a moderate but I think a conservative edging on the border of moderate-ness is probably a pretty accurate description.

  2. hi meowy cat

    i tried to take the quiz but i didn’t understand the first question about the bible. something about the bible is… ?????? written by communities? authors in communities? i don’t get it.

  3. 54. Moderate.
    does that make ja the liberal one, and ana the fundy of our motley crew? where does everyone else fall?

  4. i can’t believe you scored more moderately than me. living proof that this quiz is a crock

  5. lol. you think i’m the fundy? =P

  6. Hey — also got a 73. Wasn’t in love with some of the questions only because I thought the more conservative choices were a bit unfairly presented.

    I also think the quiz does exactly the opposite of what McKnight was trying to demonstrate. His point seemed to be that even conservatives are progressive on some things, and even progressives are conservative on some things. Which, when you mix all the questions together and only generate one simple score, would make everyone score somewhere in the 50 to 70 region and render the results rather meaningless.

    I’d like to see the questions broken down into category groups and then have a score for each, or something like that.

  7. 61.

    i read all the explanations, but i’m not sure if what i answered reflects what i truly believe.

    i was particularly intrigued by the Sabbath question since i was raised seventh-day adventist…

    i wonder if scot mcknight has found a good answer to why christians today do ignore the clear definition of the Sabbath.

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