Posted by: worinld | February 24, 2008

fake christians

Sir Charles…

Perhaps not news worthy just because it’s chuck? but… yeah…. to recap…

1) Republican = Christians

2) Pro-life & no gay marriage = judgmental

3) Christians = judgmental

4) Chuck will vote democratic no matter what



  1. Judgmental is maybe my least favorite word in politics. EVERYTHING anyone thinks about politics is judgmental-all of politics is about regulating behavior, whether it’s through taxes, incentives, or what-have-you. If you think warming is a problem and we need to do something about it, you’re judging those people who emit carbon. If you think public education is a good that the government should fund, you’re judging rich people by saying education is a better use for their money than they would otherwise put it to.
    The entire debate is about which behavior hurts others so that we should judge it, and how we should impose our judgment.
    Of course, as Christians, we shouldn’t ‘judge’ others, as in determine the condition of their hearts, but I don’t think that means we can’t judge their behavior.
    And this rant is entirely separate from whether Sir Charles is right about those two particular issues (I think he’s right on one, wrong on one).

  2. “conservatives are fake christians.”

    i stopped listening to him right after that. i don’t think he can or should run for governor with that kind of narrow-minded statement and then continue defending himself.

  3. charles barkley is the man… he’s just not precise with his words. but i agree with what (i think) he’s trying to say.

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