Posted by: jadanzzy | February 20, 2008

Jesus and American Politics

I know that most, if not all of our writers–and a handful of our readers–are politically engaged. Here is a list of four books (among the authors, Shane Claiborne and Jim Wallis) that Scot Mcknight shares with us that deals with our faith in Jesus and our socio-political engagement in this country.

All at once, gathering on my desk of books, is a four-volume collection about public issues — and I could call this post the four evangelical horsemen riding into the American scene with ideas about how Jesus can help our politics. Here they are…

At the Southeast Emergent Conference several weeks back, I got to talk a good number of times with Chris Haw, co-author of Jesus for President with Shane Claiborne. Needless to say, his radical position of disengaging himself completely with worldly governments and proclaiming Jesus as his political governor/president was a bit too intense for me.


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