Posted by: nieophyte | February 20, 2008


So while doing my normal online surfing, I came across this gem:

YBOR CITY, Fla. – A southwest Florida church issued a challenge for its married members this past Sunday: Hanky-panky every day. Relevant Church head pastor Paul Wirth says the 50 percent divorce rate was the catalyst for The 30-Day Sex Challenge.

“And that’s no different for people who attend church,” Wirth said. “Sometimes life gets in the way. Our jobs get in the way.”

Oh, and the flip side of the challenge? No rolling in the sheets for the unwed.

Well, isn’t that special? Lately in Christian circles it’s become en vogue to talk boldly about sex, which I think has been really great some of the time. But, like middle schoolers thinking that cussing=cool, some pastors are becoming pretty obnoxious with it. It’s old, people. Get over it.

A real marriage doesn’t need sex every day. It needs genuine dialogue, mutual sacrifice, laughter, warmth, kindness, compassion … etc.



  1. Related sidenote: I told my dad about this campaign and after a moment of silence, he looked up with a concerned look on his face and said, “But some of the old people might die.”

  2. hahaha why is papa so hilarious?

    and why is that the trend of things? to overplay a topic- i like to call it a process of “marinating till mundane.”

    i think it rises from insecurity rooted in the fear of irrelevancy. because who wants to hear an irrelevant sermon? we wants the juicy stuff. the sex stuff. but geez, i feel ya. something along the lines of christian consumerism? i feel like i’ve heard that phrase before, with negative connotations surrounding it.

    and i’ll leave it at that, realizing that my comment is as frayed as my cut off jean-shorts with many threads left untied hanging loose. sorry.

  3. might this have the effect of making people sick and tired of sex?

    i wonder how many couples will be doing it on day 31

    but this from the ignorance of my singlehood.

    i also wonder if it’ll result in healthier people, as sex is supposedly a good calorie-burning activity

  4. Yes, it seems like being required to have sex every day is the best way to make sure that it gets old/routine, instead of special.
    Surely there is better sex counseling for married couples out there than just ‘do it every day’?

  5. 1) he would’ve been so much holier if he said 40 days.

    2) i wonder how many babies are going to come 9-10 months from now in that church, and if it was just a secret way to grow the youth group.

  6. Worinld! too funny. haha.

    Hey everyone, a little insider secret: Uno is my magnificent sister! A longtime reader, first time commentor.


  7. That dude is awesome. Imagine if he challenged everyone to do it for a year straight. That’d be c-r-z-y.

  8. 1st. Old people have sex and don’t die. Sorry if it is gross, but it is true. Its a challenge in some nursing homes.

    2nd. I bet the preacher didn’t mention anything about not forcing the other partner to have sex. Domestic Violence is alive and well in the church and this sort of pulpit command feeds right into the abusers hand. Abuser often use this “line of reason” to force wives to have sex, its their biblical duty, submission, etc. etc. Why don’t we be really outrageous and talk about that? Maybe I am being too harsh on this pastor, but sex is not always the answer, sometimes it is the problem.

  9. Wow, no joke. I wonder if he addressed that at all.

  10. This pastor probably has a ton of emails streaming into his inbox.

    Have you guys been to the church website? Interesting… to say the least.

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