Posted by: teachrevolution | February 14, 2008

Living in the Way, Truth, and The Light

Today is Valentine’s Day. As a woman, my relationship to this holiday has vacillated between fascination, disgust, sentimentality, disgust, and a mild interest in reconceptualizing a day about love. I feel the same way about V-day as I do about the commercialization of Christmas. I won’t even spend words on venturing into that. However, in the midst of Hallmark cards, wondering if my boyfriend will figure out that he should buy flowers “just because” and fielding questions from my students like “Ms. H. Do you have a Valentine?” I have decided to use this day as a revolutionary way to Spread Love in the way of Christ.

Yesterday two amazing things happened. My best friend was accepted into seminary. I was excited for her as she is a radical feminist, bad intellectual woman who will surely bring new revelation to any place she ministers or sits for that matter. Moments after my friend called me to tell me her good news, a colleague of mine sat in front of me and wept. She wept because she feels exhausted. She wept because she felt enormous pressure as a teacher, a mother, a wife, and a black woman in this world. When I left school I got in my car to meet my friend for drinks. I turned on the CD that I had made for myself about a week ago. Its called “In Times of Desecration”. Its called “In Times of Desecration” because I am in one of those times. It is indeed a time when very little makes sense, when the pressure of what I have to do often feels like it is closing in on me, eclipsing me even. As I drove I realized that my desecration was my co-worker’s feeling too. I realized that my presence may not be enough, that the CD therapy I created for myself need not be just for me. So I came to work today and made my homegirl a copy of it. I put a picture of a Baobab tree on the front and signed it “Yo sista in the struggle”.

What does this have to do with Valentine’s Day and, furthermore with spreading the love of Christ? Well, let me break it down for you right quick. (I’m subbing a class as we speak…viva la revolution!) It has everything to do with reconceptualizing V-day as a day not only to show that you thought about someone and subsequently gave them a gift. It could be a day to show someone you love them by practicing the deepest empathy, compassion, and commiseration possible. It could be a day to openly and quietly forgive others and yourself for trangressions. It could be a day on which you practice Jesus’ most bold declaration to “love one another”. Love, divorced from romance, is powerful, humbling, and reflective. It requires a trust that we are not born with and sacrifices that we are not always prepared to make. To me, that is living in the “Way”.



  1. ‘Love, divorced from romance, is powerful, humbling, and reflective.’

    makes me think about how love can be tainted by romance…
    does romance make love less powerful, less humbling, and less reflective? *sigh*

  2. I am beginning to think that romance taints love. Romance makes you believe that love is demonstrated through kisses, dinners out, or gifts. As I get older i feel like i discover new truths about love & romance. lately i have been trying to separate and meld the two so they work together instead of against each other. It might be possible….

  3. So, ultimately, you’re trying to find a place where love and romance do coexist, but more than coexist, act as one.

    I think that the problem comes when romance shouldn’t drive love. that becomes a selfish endevour. Love driving romance is what you’re going for. If the kisses, dinners out, and gifts are done to express the love that exists, than those signs can be powerful, humbling, and even reflective.

    Romance is fun, exciting, and even God ordained, but it should never replace love.

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