Posted by: dannyjwkim | January 29, 2008

Live Update 1 from Church Planting Conference

So it’s been a while since I posted anything, but I promise I’m working on something good and juicy. In the interim I wanted to update from a conference that I’m currently attending in Florida.

A handful of leaders from my church made the drive last night for a two day conference birthed out of the Purpose-Driven Church model/system/spirit/movement.

Three facts that they start with:
– North America is the only continent where Christianity is NOT growing.
– The estimated lost population in North America is now over 200 million. – Ed Stetzer
– The USA is now the third largest mission field in the world! – Thomas T. Clegg

The assumption, of course, is that the best way to buck this “alarming” trend is to plant churches.

Thus, their stated goal is to facilitate the launch of 1000 churches by 2012.

In keeping with that, this conference is a crash course on how to plant a successful church with a guideline goal of breaking the 200 member barrier within the first 18 months.

Now, that last sentence was crafted in a way as an invitation for you to scoff at the seemingly formulaic implications of such a conference. It’d be very easy to cynically chalk such a conference up to the general bloatedness of American Christianity, but for now I’m way more interested in being teachable and seeing what principles can be learned for how to love God and reach and love people.

I’ll try to update a couple more times…



  1. Please do assuage my initial strongly negative reactions to the 200+ barrier goal by giving us an update on what you’ve learned. For now, the fact that they even made that one of their teaching points is very very frightening.

    Actually, I’d love it if you could get back to us with answers of these two questions if you ever get a chance to ask them:

    – What is the church and its function?
    – What is the gospel and its function?

  2. jadanzzy –
    I’m interested as to why you’re so ‘frightened’ by making that a teaching point….

    keeping in mind that this conference is about church planting, what should be teaching points of such a conference, and why should breaking size barriers be frowned upon?

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