Posted by: nieophyte | January 23, 2008

Connect the thoughts … la la la la

Hello friends. I thought maybe we could play a little interactive game. Today, while going through my basic round of sites I regularly check, I saw a connection between two things that I came across. I am going to put these items on this post and see if you guys can guess how they are related. Yes, it is a little self-indulgent, like, let’s get everyone who reads this to try and read my mind … and knowing my self-centered self, that accusation may not be far from the truth. But also, I think it would be interesting to read how others might interpret these cultural artifacts.

So, without further ado, I present to you:

1. poolpool

the world’s largest swimming pool, just opened in a resort in Chile.

2. treeYael Naim’s video “New Soul”

ok, so what do you guys think? I’ll post my thoughts at the end of the day.



  1. I got angry. I seem to enjoy getting angry.

    But from this I concluded that humanity is destroying the earth by creating pleasures while destroying it when the earth in its natural form provides plenty of pleasure. And we don’t need to ruin the earth either!

    All we need is each other and the beautiful, God-given earth we live in.

  2. this is impossible.

    both have water.

    but a serious stab at it = it must have something to do with the whole “pictures into reality” thing

  3. dang it. i wrote my comment while jadanzzy was writing his.

    ok i change my answer officially. even tho it’s half-cheating.

    but now i think i got it.

    she was about to settle for enjoying a fake lake as recreated by her wallpaper, when the actual lake was ready to be enjoyed right outside her own little box of a room.

    the juxtaposition of the pool and the pacific ocean in the first picture is more obviously ridiculous. why artificially create a body of water that is essentially redundant considering the nearness of the biggest ocean on the planet. it seems to be a matter of convenience.

    or just a gross example of “missing the point”.

    it’s kinda like the Nintendo Wii.
    guy 1: “yo come play fake tennis. it’s awesome!”

    guy 2: “what the freak man?! we live right next to an actual tennis court and the weather is awesome”

  4. yes indeedy, we are all on the same wavelength. I think it’s hilarious that they are heralding the creation of the world’s largest swimming pool, when right next to it, you see something much larger, greater, more amazing and beautiful. Some say that space is not the final frontier, but that it’s actually the ocean.

    I’d take the ocean over a pool any day, but maybe that’s just cause I’m from california.

    But I think this says something about our modern need to create virtual realities for us that are safe and controllable. To avoid all risk, we opt for safe simulacra (*wink*) and lose touch with the beauty of the real.

    Another picture I was trying to post along with this is of a decal of trees and wildlife that you can paste up on your wall. It’s kind of like a trendy little home design element that some artsy fartsy people are using these days to sexify their los angeles loft apartments. (check one out here:

    the point is, what will it take for us to get out of our cosmic fantasies and enter into present realities?

    i love your point about the Wii asimptote. that is so true! we marvel at how the controller vibrates like a racquet might upon impact with the tennis ball … “it’s so real!” but really, it isn’t even close.

    well, thanks folks. this was fun. 🙂

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