Posted by: nieophyte | January 21, 2008

Rest Stop

Links! Glorious Links!   :o)

For I was hungry and you told me to self feed (The Thinklings Blog)

The true diagnosis of weak worship is not that our people are coming to get and not to give.

Offensive language: I Think My Mother Taught Me (Tall Skinny Kiwi Blog)

If cussing and offensive language piss you off, excuse my King James, please do not read on because I WILL refer to words that are deeply offensive.

Banned from Church (Wall Street Journal)

Reviving an ancient practice, churches are exposing sinner and shunning those who won’t repent.

Chuck Colson says “Nay!” to naysayers (Christian Post)

There they go again. Sunday’s New York Times featured yet another installment in its continuing saga about the “evangelical crackup.” Like previous reports, it was a case, not of news, but of wishful thinking.

Selling the Good Book by its cover (LA Times)

Publishers have found a niche–a big one–for stylized Bibles inspired by pop culture. Almost anything goes.

Death and Decorating (NY Times)

Amy Redford, actress, director and youngest child of Robert, is taking the first film she has directed to the Sundance Film Festival this week. It is called “The Guitar”.

Hilary, Barack, Experience (NY Times, op-ed from Nicholas D. Kristof)

With all the sniping from the Clinton camp about whether Barack Obama has enough experience to make a strong president, consider another presidential candidate who was far more of a novice. He had the gall to run for president even though he had served a single undistinguished term in the House of Representatives, before being hounded back to his district.

That was Abraham Lincoln.



  1. The thinklings article was really good for me. I was challenged by the simple message: when people are hungry, don’t give them a 10-point plan. Don’t give them application-based Bible teaching. Don’t just give them a Bible and some resources so that they can go feed themselves.

    Give them spiritual milk. Help them satisfy their hunger for growth with the gospel message. Self-feeding is overrated, and all people need is what God created them to want.

    Give them Jesus.

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