Posted by: jadanzzy | January 14, 2008

Rest Stop

Embodied Human Beings and Our Gravitation Towards Ceremony and Ritual (Church and Pomo)

Since we accept the idea of meaningful actions and gestures in our common life under the sun—e.g. a kiss, a hug, a handshake—why should we exclude meaningful action or signify-ing movement in our worship of God and reduce our worship to a strictly verbal (and perhaps rational-ized) engagement?

Confessions of a Missional Pastor (Wannabe?) – Looking Back on Some Frustrations With Time (Reclaiming the Mission)

Being a Missional pastor ain’t easy. There are inevitable compromises. No matter how hard you try, you end up spending less time on the things you really are passionate about (i.e. mission) and more time on things you value less (i.e. organization).

Keys of the Kingdom (Jesus Creed)

[M]any today have chosen to prefer “kingdom” over “church” in a way that is not unlike this idea: as I like Jesus instead of the Church, so I like kingdom instead of Church. This concerns me, and it concerns me deeply.

The Temptation to Quit (Internet Monk)

I suppose every person in ministry is strongly tempted to quit from time to time.

God, Religion, and the Ridiculous (Church and Pomo)

Sometimes, in the ordinary course of weekly services, Sunday school lessons, and family prayer, I forget how ridiculous religion is.

America to the Church: “You guys suck” (Religion News Service)

Almost three-quarters of Americans who haven’t darkened the door of a church in the last six months think it is “full of hypocrites,” and even more of them consider Christianity to be more about organized religion than about loving God and people, according to a new survey.

Denzel Loves Jesus (Reader’s Digest)

For Denzel Washington, it’s not about fame and fortune. It’s about keeping the faith. 

Best Job in the World: Master Coffee Cupper (NPR)

Tracy May Adair holds the grand title of “master coffee cupper.” All of the coffee produced by Folgers is based on her master palette. 

Fashion, Faith, and Calloused Foreheads (NY Times)

There is a strong undercurrent of competition in Egypt these days, an unstated contest among people eager to prove just how religious they are. The field of battle is the street and the focus tends to be on appearance, as opposed to conviction. 


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