Posted by: jadanzzy | December 30, 2007

Rest Stop

Some awesome links here…

Jesus, Religion and Sustainability (willzhead)

In the model of Christ, we have the core element that is required for ethical living: self-sacrifice. And self-sacrifice is our only hope for a sustainable future…

A Return to Tradition (US News and World Report)

Put simply, the development is a return to tradition and orthodoxy, to past practices, observances, and customary ways of worshiping.

The changing face of British Christianity (Telegraph)

Britons are most certainly still a Christian people – culturally and politically the country continues to be shaped by our Christian heritage – but declining numbers are choosing to display their religious conviction in the time-honoured manner of attending Sunday service.

No Room in the What? (Christianity Today)

The problem with the Christmas-pageant version is, this is not at all likely to be what Luke intends to tell us in this much beloved and belabored Christmas tale.

9500 Liberty, the Battle over Immigration in Northern Virginia (YouTube)

This video deals with anti-Latino, anti-immigrant sentiment, which is only one facet of our exploration of the illegal immigration issue.

God’s Rivals (Jesus Creed)

If the true God is the Father of Jesus Christ, why did this God permit the rise and flourishing of other religions?

The World’s Top Microfinance Insititutions (Forbes)

Microfinance has become a buzzword of the decade, raising the provocative notion that even philanthropy aimed at alleviating poverty can be profitable to institutional and individual investors.

Santa Cross (Next Gener.Asian Church)

As I slept comfortably and self-righteous in my bed last night, one man died and thirty were injured as they worshiped on Christmas.

Seven hurt in punch-up at Church of the Nativity (Times Online)

The cradle of Christianity was rocked by an unholy punch-up when Greek Orthodox and Armenian priests came to blows in a dispute over how to clean Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity.


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