Posted by: jadanzzy | December 1, 2007

Rest Stop

Challenging Tradition, Young Jews Worship on Their Terms (NY Times)

…Without a building and budget, Tikkun Leil Shabbat is one of the independent prayer groups, or minyanim, that Jews in their 20s and 30s have organized in the last five years in at least 27 cities around the country. They are challenging traditional Jewish notions of prayer, community and identity…

Diversity As Christian Practice–Not Just a Church Program by Diane Butler Bass (God’s Politics)

…We began to think about cultural change globally—looking at postmodernism and its effects through a prism of worldviews. We ruminated on God’s work in history. We talked about something important—about how the world is changing and why…

Crucifixes Made With Chinese Sweatshop Labor Sold Here (AFL-CIO)

…A new report by the National Labor Committee reveals that crucifixes for sale at major religious institutions such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity Church in New York City were made in Chinese sweatshops…

Wheat (Too Many Mind)

…Something about international trade is really interesting to me, but I’m having a hard time really pinpointing it, especially since I suck at trade theory. I think I like it because of the irony…

Emerging Church: Does The Hat Still Fit? (Tall Skinny Kiwi)

…MOST people in my world say that the label “emerging church” or “emergent church” does not define or describe the kinds of ministries they are doing. What do you think? Is the term helpful to you or a hindrance?…

Letter about those pesky Calvinists (Jesus Creed)

…The problem is that they just are relentless. Absolutely no discussion or compromise. I have had the life kicked out of me at my church this past year by some of these people. For them, it just isn’t good enough to be a solid evangelical who really loves Jesus and wants to serve him. It has to be all about reformed theology…

Be a Kinder Calvinist (Desiring God)

…There is a letter on Scot McKnight’s blog from a pastor who is very frustrated with certain Calvinists in his church.

[T]he letter is to see it (along with the numerous comments that follow) as abundant evidence that, to many, Calvinists come across as self-righteous, condescending, arrogant, unfriendly, argumentative, and even stingy…

My Response to “the letter” (Jesus Creed)

…First, love them as Eikons of God regardless of what they believe or don’t believe. Love them by believing they are doing what they think is right; love them by knowing that we are not all likely to agree. Love them enough to learn from them. Love them enough to do a missional project with them…

Drama at Mars Hill (Beauty and Depravity)

Well, I have respect for the ministry at Mars Hill Church and Mark. Mark is a great teacher. Sharp, brilliant, witty, and a top notch Cultural Exegete in my opinion. It’s too bad that he can say some pretty rude and crude things that diminish his teaching and cause pain to folks.

What Evangelicals Need To Know by Brian McLaren (God’s Politics)

…It’s time to augment our deeply-held concern for private morality with a new vision for addressing systemic injustice. I’m both hopeful and increasingly confident that for the next generation of evangelicals, this augmentation is already happening…

Megachurches Add Local Economy to Their Mission (NY Times)

…The church’s leaders say they hope to draw people to faith by publicly demonstrating their commitment to meeting their community’s economic needs.

“We want to turn people on to Jesus Christ through this process,” said Karl Clauson, who has led the church for more than eight years…

“If you think I’m going to hell, you should care that I’m going to hell” (Vintage Faith)

…I specifically stated that only God knows people’s eternal destinies and that we cannot say who is or isn’t going to hell. It is not a subject to treat lightly or something to ignore…

Link Love 2 (Next Gener.Asian Church) Thanks David!

…First off, I have to return some link love from my friend and his new team blog, Merging Lanes. His friends have started a blog and it is off to a kickin’ start. Check it out…he and his friends have a formidable blog…


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